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Advanced Sales and Marketing




After 15 years working in the marketing communications field delivering the best advertising in B2B and B2C industries. I guarantee you no one is more precise at delivering contemporary sales and marketing strategy than ProSkillz Academy’s competent team. Information taught is practical, the sessions are highly interactive, and their presentation and evaluation are world class.


Marketing Director Vistas Communications

Excellent sales & marketing training. Our sales reps are very excited. Now it is left to us to follow through


VP Sales GreenVille Ltd

You and your ideas are absolutely brilliant! Our award-winning marketing team learned so much from you. We will definitely be your brand evangelists forever. I have not seen Patrick yet, but I would certainly be thanking him for registering the team for the course. Immediately after our session the team was enthusiastic about pitching him to get your facilitator to Asaba. You have upgraded us to the next level.


Marketing Manager Lorna Media

ProSkillz Academy has got the best sales and marketing tutors in Nigeria. Phillip was a BIG hit. My high performing sales gang gained a lot… your liveliness, concepts, and direct approach to sales. I am sure we are closing the year with an improved ROI.


Sales Team Lead Camden International


Sales and Marketing is the engine to every organization’s success. Yet, the marketing rulebook has been rewritten. The rapid change in technology, and the proliferation of mobile devices and applications have transformed consumer behaviour from a simple path to complex but exciting decision journey. As such, to maximise your business’ full potential you require a complete toolkit of marketing techniques ranging from traditional to digital media. Using a new research-led but practical marketing rulebook, we emphasise first on the fundamentals of marketing — the behaviours we aim to shape — and then on the sales strategies and techniques required, both traditional and digital to create an integrated marketing communications and sales playbook that you can use instantly to engage your clients and gain substantial ROI.

Training schedule

Weekday class

START: Monday 22ND NOV 2021
END:Thursday 25TH NOV 2021

Weekend class



FEE: ₦150,000
EARLY BIRD FEE: ₦135,000


Our programme uses combination of case studies, presentations, and group activities to expand your ability to approach sales and marketing from a strategic perspective, to pursue high impact and integrated strategies that benefit your company’s products or services.

ADVANCED SALES AND MARKETING ® Course Location, Dates & Fees

ProSkillz Academy is a world class learning organization committed to grooming your sales and marketing strategy and implementation techniques, to increase your business ROI, notwithstanding the industry or consumer markets you are targeting. We offer this programme in Nigeria at two of our training locations situated in Victoria Island or Ikoyi Lagos. For information on current dates and fees kindly click on the
calendar here.

Who Should Attend?

This interactive program is suitable for mid- and upper-level marketing executives, including business development, account, and senior product or brand managers. Notwithstanding., delegates might also include Professionals who are new to a marketing role or who lack marketing degree. Decision makers in other roles—like finance, general management, product management or product development —who want to work efficiently with their reorganization’s marketing team. Overall, the programme is adaptable to the B2B and B2C industries as well as the not-for-profit sector. Therefore, participants may span but are not limited to the following areas;

What You Get?

ProSkillz Academy provides a constantly updated and comprehensive Sales and Marketing Executive syllabus that spans every vital aspect of contemporary Sales and Marketing management from detailed strategy planning, customer lifetime value building, data analytics management, negotiating and selling tactics, to customer relationships geared towards increasing your company’s bottom-line and help you lead in the markets that you compete.
The following is included in the Advanced Sales & Marketing course: